Texas Home School Coalition contributions are tax deductible and will help:

  • Educate the public and individual families about parental rights and home schooling.
  • Serve the community through the THSC home school conference, local leadership support, daily customer support, etc. 
  • Educate attorneys through our Continuing Legal Education seminars to defend families from CPS.  

Texas Home School Coalition Association contributions are not tax deductible and support:

  • Advocacy on behalf of families with local and state government officials and agencies. Lobbying and elections efforts including internship programs putting volunteers on the ground in pivotal campaigns across the state as well as in the Texas Legislature.
  • The clarification of the law for school districts, colleges, agencies, etc. in instances of discrimination against home schooled students.
  • The pursuit litigation against institutions and individuals who abuse their authority.

Parental Rights Litigation Fund contributions are tax deductible and help:

  • Defend families in instances where parental rights are being abused such as in CPS and Grandparent Access cases.


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